Corporate Work permit
Initiate Immigration South Africa - Corporate Work permit
Corporate Work Permits are issued to companies based in South Africa only, allowing them to employ a specific number of highly specialised foreigner professionals who wish to work for the company for a predetermined time period.
As a result an increased demand for products and services from local and international markets both Local and Foreign owned enterprises may find it difficult at times to recruit and retain skilled workers. As such the Department of Home Affairs acknowledged the need of such companies by allowing them to employ foreign nationals in the cases when the find it hard to fill these positions with suitable personnel in the Republic of South Africa.
To be able to qualify for a corporate work permit the company you intend working for needs to be in possession of such a permit, if they are, then you will be able to apply for a corporate work permit. The preparation and submission of your permit application can then be done quickly, allowing you to take up employment in a specific category within the corporate enterprise within a relatively short period of time.
It is important for you to know that once you resign from the company, your South African immigrantion corporate work permit will expire and you will no longer be able to legally work in the country. Upon resignation from your current employer you either have to leave the Republic of South Africa within 2 weeks or apply for a change of status of your current permit within the same time.
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