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Study, Academic and Research
Study permits are required for all foreign student planning to study at a South African School, college, university or any other educational institution in for a period of more than 3 months.
Study permits for the Republic of South Africa are issued to foreign national students if the visa applicant on the grounds that the student must submit a notarised letter on the official letter head from the educational institution in question provisionally confirming acceptance as well as the lenght of the intended course. The student may work no more than 20 hours on a weekly basis during the semester, and extra during the holiday period.
With a study visa there is:
No age restriction when applying for a study permit.
The permit will only remain valid for the duration of studies.
Medical insurance is a MUST and coverage should be arranged prior to entering the Republic of South Africa, please aslo be cognisant of the fact that the Department of Immigrationnot does not accept all International medical ais schemes..
Life partners, spouses and/or children of permit holders may accompany them to South Africa but only if they apply for the appropriate permit.
Students may not take up their studies before the study permit has been granted
It is important for you to know that you MUST apply for your study permit, and await the outcome of your application, BEFORE departing for the Republic of South Africa. The fact that you've been accepted by a South African educational institution does not guarantee that you'll be issued with a study visa. And you cannot enter South Africa on a visitor's visa and then apply for a study permit. You should also take note of the Basic requirements for entering South Africa under Visiting South Africa.
How long will it take for my application to be processed?
It normally takes about six weeks for study permits to be processed. You are advised, however, to make your application as early as possible.
When should I renew my study permit?
Study permits are granted for periods of a year at a time only, and for specific fields of study. You should therefore renew your permit annually at your nearest Home Affairs office in South Africa. You should also, depending on what your original visa stipulates, apply for a new permit if you plan to change your course of study or institution.
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