Financially Independant
Initiate Immigration South Africa - Financially Independant visa
For those amongst us to be lucky enough to be financially independent and wishing to immigrate to South Africa, applying for a permanent residency permit should not be a problem.
You will only however be able to apply for permanent residency if you can prove that you own property valued in excess of R 7.5 million. You will further more be requried to deposit a minimum amount of R1.5 Million into a South African bank, of which a bare minimum of R700 000 is to be invested into a South African business venture for a period of no less than three years.
A one-off fee payment of R 75 000 to grant approval to the South African High Commission needs to be made, and you must apply abroad.
In addition you will be sequestered form taking up employment and/or establishing your own business without the written approval of the Department of Home Affairs.
If at any time in the next three years you move from you present addres you are required by law to notify the Department of a change of address.
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