Accompanying spouse and children
Initiate Immigration South Africa - Spouse and Children visa
Generally speaking your children and life partner may accompany you to South Africa if you are in the possession of a temporary residence permit, without complying to the conditions themselves. But just becuase you are married to a permanent resident or a South African citizen or doesn't automatically guarantee you permanent residence status.
If you are considering immigrating to South Africa and you happen to be married to a South African citizen you will still need to apply for your own immigration paper irrespective of the fact. If you are however professionally qualified, and happen to have an exceptional skill it will go a long way in helping you with your own immigration status. Only in the circumstance that you do not qualify for immigration under another category will you be considered under the spoasal category for a vias.
If this happens to be the case, you will have to provide proof of marriage ( a marriage certificatge will suffice) and your spouse's ability to support you and your children (if any) financially.
The only exception to this rule is that for retirees, who must apply for and meet the criteria and conditions in full with the principal applicant.
It is important to note that when you apply for a work permit and your children are still of school going age you must also apply for a study permit.
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