Bilingual recruitment placement process

Placement Process

At Foreign Language Placements we unsure that potential Candidates are carefully screened and thoroughly interviewed to best match the bilingual and multilingual job specification and corporate requirements you provide.
Bilingual language skill assessments are available for a number of languages through native language speaking recruitment consultants should you require this .
We give the candidates in-depth information regarding the career opportunity to ensure both parties´ expectations are fully met.
Where candidates already reside in South Africa, interviews can be arranged locally at your offices. Overseas candidates can be interviewed telephonically or via video conference at our offices.
As a final selection step, our team will carry out a number of extensive checks and in-depth candidate referencing to ensure that only the highest calibre candidate will ultimately join your company.
In return, we respect candidate privacy and will only forward personal details to a prospective employer on candidate approval.
Finally, we will support overseas candidates with their relocation to South Africa with inside tips and hints to make the journey and transition from one cultural climate to another − as effortless and as smooth a process as possible.
By becoming one of our clients, your company gains access to a constantly growing pool of candidates built up over years in the foreign language market, with which we maintain close contact. .
As a client you not only receive the best candidates – our search process is also significantly shorter than with most other recruitment sources