bilingual service offering

What we offer

Why partner with Foreign Language Placements? Well for starters Foreign Language Placements offers you a much larger pool of premium Bilingual and Multilingual natural foreign language speaking candidates than any other recruitment agency in South Africa and that is a fact.
Not only are we continually sourcing new candidates locally and abroad, we also cover the widest selection of Languages:

Unlike other recruitment companies in South Africa we only specialize in recruiting Bilingual and Multilingual natural foreign language speakers and placing them in a variety of roles, disciplines and Industries across South Africa.
Due to the fact that most of our bilingual recruiters are mother tongue foreign language speakers themselves we are confident in our service and abilities to help you find the right candidate.
Our approach to recruitment is a simple but effective one: we partner with both our clients and candidates to form one team.
Due to our team orientated innovative approach to recruiting language speakers locally and internationally, we are able to source and provide quality candidates and deliver on even the most challenging recruitment assignments. We also provide head hunting, executive search and personalised recruitment services across a broad range of industries and disciplines, and if required we can assist you with your South African immigrantion needs.
If you are a client looking for a strategic recruitment partner then look no further than Foreign Language Placements!