Foreign Language Placements (a division of the Initiate Recruitment Group), is a dedicated and highly-experienced Bilingual recruitment agency specializing in supplying high quality foreign language speakers for your requirements.
A dedicated, multilingual foreign language recruitment team.
Our bilingual consultants are extremely well networked. Coupled with our extensive database of exceptional candidates, we are uniquely positioned to respond quickly to client requests for suitable foreign language speakers.
Servicing all language markets.
We serve all the European languages including German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and Russian. Languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Hebrew are in increasing demand within the South African job market, and as such, form one of our key focus areas.
Servicing all Industries.
We undertake recruitment, including professional searches, in most fields, including Commerce, Inbound and Outbound Call Centres, Financial, Technical, Office Support, Tourism, Hospitality, Marketing, IT and German/ European Language Specialists. Within our special areas we handle the process, from senior management to recent graduates.
Dedicated and focused online marketing of jobs and candidates.
We reach all the language speakers that are looking for career opportunities in South Africa via our specific job websites. Visit GermanJobs.co.za or Frenchjobs.co.za to see how our language specific job sites can work for you!
Advice on Work Permits and Visa's for South Africa.
What not only sets us apart from the main stream foreign language recruitment market in South Africa but also endears our longstanding clients to us is our ability to successfully handle all forms of South African immigrantion Visa and work permit requirements on behalf of clients and employees.
Providing the highest levels of client and candidate support throughout the employment process.
As our client you can be assured of a professional service at all times; as your representative in the job marketplace − we understand the importance of extending this professionalism to your potential job candidates.