Living and Working in Cape Town & Johannesburg - South Africa

Living in South Africa

Getting used to living, working and studying in a new country is always a challenge, especially if you are not acquainted with the local customs. In general you will find living and working in either Cape Town or Johannesburg to be quite different than that of your county of birth.
Renting an apartment or flat outside of tourist season will generally be cheaper in Cape Town but not so in Johannesburg where rental prices are higher. Finding a furnished apartment will not be a problem. Buying food is generally cheaper in South Africa than abroad, but will cost more as a percentage of your salary than that in Europe. Electrical appliances and equipment as well as buying a car will be more, expensive than in Europe. Oh and don’t forget we drive on the right hand side of the road and a “robot” is a traffic light! Many a Candidate places by Foreign Language Placements seems to forget that fact when driving the first time in South Africa, leading to some embarrasing and dangerous situations.
Opening a bank account, deciding where to stay, taxes and insurance hints and tips are all discussed on subsequent pages.
For more information on each of the topics touched on above please visit the following pages:
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Renting a car
Where to stay
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