South African driving tips for Foreigners and expats

Driving tips for South Africa

When driving in South Africa you will find the road conditions very different to that of many western cities. It is not uncommon to drive to drive on un-tarred roads especially when you are in the country site.
Johannesburg drivers are known for a quite fast and aggressive driving style, whilst Captonians on the other hand tend to be more relaxed but suffer from special awareness and quite often you will find them veering over into you lane when going around corners. Then there are the minibus taxies.
When driving in South Africa, you should be aware of the bad track record of Minibus operators and Truck Drivers. Taxi drivers in Cape Town are known for their aggressive and often offensive driving style.
Here are some top driving tips for driving in South Africa
Never ever leave valuables visible in your car, smash and grabs happen quite often
Seatbelts must be worn on the front seats.
Always lock your car when driving.
Always have a spare tyre in your car
When traffic lights are out of order, treat the crossing as a four-way-stop.
Slower cars keep to the left of the road,.
Do not pick up hitchhikers
Avoid driving in South Africa in the dark.
Be always cautious at traffic lights and watch out for anybody skipping a red light
Always have some cash handy
When parking we recommend that you leave nothing visible on the seats of your car